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About us




ArtRadio is an innovative new platform designed for artists from all backgrounds to help them promote, publish and distribute their art, to provide them with free tools and services to help them find their audiences quickly and effectively as well as discover, connect with, communicate and collaborate with artists from around the world.

Our belief is that an artist should spend as much time doing what they enjoy and as little time promoting it. ArtRadio provides a service to maximise promotion and collaboration with minimal effort on your behalf.

So, whether your talent is in music, creative writing, film, architecture, fashion, design, photography, publishing, media, theatre, print, painting, drawing, illustration or any genre, category, kind or combination of art, we are here to help you. We are ArtRadio, join us!


Our Mission Statement:


Do you want to live in a world with greater creativity?

Do you want to live in a world where you have greater creative control?

We do. Our goal is to spread the artistic vision of everybody by transforming everybody into an artist. Our aim is to make you the living embodiment of art in order to make your life better and to make your life more vivid, more colourful and more connected. We want to bring joy to your heart and to get you to experience new and wonderful things.

We're here to enhance your reality.




  • To enable artist worldwide to share their artwork.
  • To spread the artistic vision of everybody.
  • To enable artists worldwide to make a livelihood from their artwork.
  • To enable people worldwide to access a large central database of collective artwork that is passively and randomly delivered to them.
  • To make artwork (music, film, poetry, prose, imagery) more accessible and readily available.
  • To empower and enlighten people through the continuous passive consumption of art.
  • To give people the means to refine this continuous passive consumption of art to suit their artistic tastes.
  • To make people aware of their own individual artistic tastes and sensibilities.
  • To connect people who share artistic tastes and sensibilities.
  • To make advertising a slave to art rather than art a slave to advertising.
  • To create a better world.


How did this site come about?


Well real simple. I was sat at home and I figured there was no real good way I could sell my aunt's paintings. Sure she was talented. Sure her work was good but she was a widow in her 60's that didn't have an agent, didn't have an arts degree, and didn't have an active link in the community.

I started browsing the internet...

See here was the thing about every arts site I discovered - loads of artists but far more on each site than could possibly be featured. Everybody was transmitting, nobody was broadcasting.

How was my aunt possibly going to get noticed in this sea of content?

More appropriately how could I type Kusum Ariyasena into a search engine and expect to find her? More importantly how could I expect a complete stranger to know Kusum Ariyasena existed!

And then it suddenly occurred to me. Combine TV and the internet. Build in a marketplace.

So I built a platform. Artradio. "Art" - "Radio". 


Why use ArtRadio?


I was playing with a number of sites at the time and a few that struck me were Chatroulette, Facebook, YouTube and Grooveshark.

It was awesome getting streaming music from grooveshark, chatting with friends on Facebook, watching random videos on YouTube and discovering new people (despite wading through some "encounters") via random webcam to webcam chat in chatroulette.

But there was no single place where I could switch on sit back, turn on and have random music and film and images and poetry and prose streamed to me.

Except the TV. But there was so little on but at least I didn't have to think about it.

Why not just combine broadcasting and social networking into a platform which can distribute music, film, images and poetry/prose unlike a multitude of websites that just focused on one medium? Why not combine it with a marketplace so that artists can have one simple place to go to to promote, distribute, share their art, find new artists to collaborate with and make a livelihood by selling their art and discovering their audiences?

I've known many artists in my time and rarely are they good at just one thing alone. So why should they have to sign up to one site to push one thing (say their music) and another site to push another thing (say their poetry)? Why can't it all be done in the same place?

Why should I use Soundcloud to publish my music, iTunes to sell it, YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion etc. to publish my film, amazon for my books, for my poems and a host of other websites for photography, illustrations, digital art etc. then tie it in with Facebook/twitter etc. to communicate with my fans?

Why is it that major labels and distributors can get a select few artists into mainstream distribution when the world is full of unexplored talent looking to get exposure and recognition? Why in a planet full of so many creative people yet the channels for broadcasting and distributing art so narrow and limited in the range of content they transmit and the way they broadcast it?

This doesn't give me an environment to explore, discover, create and broadcast my art, this forces me to chase and manage a host of services, hold and manage multiple accounts, be an administrator, hire a PR guy, work multiple jobs to achieve one single thing. This is time consuming and cumbersome. This is ineffective.

I deliberately designed ArtRadio to be a platform that could overcome these things. To be a single place where an artist whether they created film, music, imagery or poetry/prose could simply upload it to one site, broadcast it via one site, have it discovered via one site and ultimately sell it via one site. I designed ArtRadio to be one site where a musician could discover an illustrator, a graphic designer could collaborate with a film maker, and a writer could compile stories to accompany a music album.

In short ArtRadio is a platform that can help you get recognition for the artwork you create. It can help you find new artists to work with and new artwork to love. 


What can we do for you?


Promote you. We can help you discover new art and share your art.

We offer a new way to broadcast artwork that has taken the best elements of TV (brilliant for passively receiving content but limited in content) and the best elements of the internet (brilliant for actively discovering content but so much that a person's own imagination is their limiting factor) and combined them into a solution.

This solution can enable millions of artists be they musicians, illustrators, writers, film-makers, painters, designers etc. to simultaneously broadcast through one channel yet all have a legitimate chance of being discovered, recognised, liked, loved, commented on, connected to, messaged, networked and collaborated with.

We want to get you recognition. We can help raise awareness of you and your artwork.

And by putting your faith into our services we promise we will use our profits to bring select artists signed to ArtRadio into other mainstream channels as well.

What you upload may also be distributed through our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest profiles increasing the chance of you getting discovered.

We may even contact you and request that we use your artwork to directly feature it in print magazines, billboards, radio and television.

We may even want to collaborate with you to create something new...

Because the team at ArtRadio consists of talented film-makers, writers, editors, producers, composers and artist and we all have experience in film, music and graphic production, design and advertising.

The team at ArtRadio welcome collaboration.

And if we're really passionate about what you're doing, we will invest in you.


How can you help us?


Join the site. Create an artist account if you want to upload your artwork to our network. Create an art lover account if you simply want to have an enhanced viewing experience on ArtRadio and build a collection of liked/loved artwork.

The more people who join us and actively use the site, the more revenue we can generate via advertising and the more we can invest directly back into you.

You simply need to realise that we have built a complete and evolving platform for the promotion, publication, discovery, distribution and sale of artwork and it's waiting to be populated by you.

If you're an independent artist join us and stay independent while potentially enjoying the benefits of being with a major established or mainstream publisher.

If you're an art lover join us and discover new art. Find a place where you can always discover something new even if you are pressed for time. Use ArtRadio to preview an artists' work before attending their events.

Most importantly, use the site and tell other people about it. Let people know that is the place to find the latest filmmusicimagery and written art.


How can you use ArtRadio?


Use our media player to discover new images, music, film and written media!

Use it as your portfolio!

Upload your artwork! Organize it into galleries.

Display your favourite artwork and artists!

Describe yourself!

Message other artists and art lovers on the ArtRadio network!

Hand someone a business card with stage name)

Tell someone you are signed to ArtRadio!

Tell someone you are signed to an independent art label!

Tell people to view your profile at stage name)

Like/Love new artists as you discover them.

Form a group with artists you like/love and start uploading work created in collaboration to your group profile!

Remix another artist's work using our experience editor!