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Best Art Feature (01-09-2015)

Conte Mirifique by Bore Ivanov

I just needed some time away to focus on the simpler things in life. To ease my mind and just enjoy the things around me more.

Writing about art takes a lot of thought and focus, writing about it frequently can almost make one lose the enjoyment of it for as intellectual an exercise can be satisfying, sometimes looking at something and appreciating it for what it is, without thinking too hard about is equally fulfilling.

Sometimes it's necessary to take a break.

Looking back over several months worth of submissions it has not been easy to select a single piece to feature today.

That said I can't help but be impressed by the sheer work put in my Bore Ivanov into creating his masterpieces. His hard work shows and we get reflections of reality that capture the most exquisite in the most accurate ways.

These stills of life are the mirrors of a man with a keen eye and a precise hand who has demonstrated how to truly appreciate one's immediate surroundings by replicating them magically.

Bore Ivanov contributes to the legendary status of Paris as these representative paintings of his are rejuvenating studies of it. I cannot help but feel my passion and love of art inspired by looking at his works and this particular work entitled, "Conte Mirifique" keeps drawing my attention and captivating my essence.

We are glad to feature his works on today and feel your day would be revitalised by stopping by and taking the time to enjoy them.

So these words are a tribute that cannot really do your paintings justice for they speak volumes!

Congratulations Bore Ivanov you win, "Best Art Feature"

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We are ArtRadio