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Best Art Feature (02-05-2015)

Best Art Feature (02-05-2015) Cherry Groove Beach by Christian Piper
This is an interesting take on the human body.

The black base interspersed with brush strokes of white gives the appearance of abstract winds and currents passing over a shadowy silhouetted figure. It almost feels like looking at a ancient Japanese mural; the flow of strokes giving a peaceful, slightly subdued yet relaxed vibe. 

The amount of information conveyed is astonishing given the deceptive minimalism of approach and again it is the coarseness of the white lines that conveys the energy of this painting and provide the detail; an interesting study.

In many ways the separation of black and white describes the demarcation between people and nature; we often feel like opposing forces at contrast to each other and yet we are so connected that the ambiguity of our differences is hard to ignore. The blurring of the margins of this figure reminds me of this.

I like this piece, it brings out the pareidolia in me and makes me wonder; it makes me feel peace. It is called, "Cherry Groove Beach, Ink on Paper" by German artist Christian Piper a.k.a Christian at and forms part of an intriguing portfolio of nature and abstracts.

Do not let the simplicity fool you, this is a complex piece and one we have enjoyed. We leave it presented to you to enjoy in our highlights of and hope we and you can continue to enjoy Christian's artwork as he continues to contribute to!

Congratulations Christian Piper you win, "Best Art Feature"

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