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Best Art Feature (02-06-2015)

Sadhna, Best Art Feature Winner 02-06-2015
Enjoy innocence.

Just under a year ago we featured a really nice painting by artist Sadhna and in exploring our archives via the player we discovered this lovely painting we feature today by the same artist.

I'm trying to decide if these are elves, fairy nymphs or little girls. The delightful, almost featureless faces almost suggest a supernatural presence and origin and yet the whole thing feels of innocence, their youthful complexion, matching outfits and shared expressions make them look like dolls in a field or sisters laying down on a sunny day.

We are sharing this lovely and apt summery scene with you today in as much a celebration of Sadhna, a raw artist who shows real potential in choosing to explore many different styles such that a signature technique is hard to identify. However we've enjoyed many pieces of her work and her profile is well worth a perusal; you will likely find several pieces you will enjoy! 

We encourage all artists to explore many styles when starting out and gradually refine and fit what works for them. Ultimately your audience is a reflection of you and the satisfaction you derive comes from how much of yourself you can freely express around them and how much of you they can bring out.

Sadhna is someone who we hope to keep see painting because we are very interested to see how she evolves as an artist. For now we hope you enjoy this reintroduction to her work.


Congratulations Sadhna you win, "Best Art Feature"

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