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Best Art Feature (04-09-2015)

Best Art Feature 04-09-2015 by Fernando Pascual
The modern renaissance is here!

Two simple touches create great contrast and synergy and the floral silk blouse imposed upon the bust of a figure we would expect to be nude is perhaps a commentary on modern day censorship and neuroses with the natural form; a simple statement of how times have changed and an ever present reminder that there is often a fine distinction between art, nudity and pornography; that it is our personal biases and beliefs that help to enforce and judge this.

It is truly a striking piece and shows well the difference of fashion and style between two very different time periods. Quite where the idea for this juxtaposition came from is beyond me and the author of this painting, Fernando Pascual a.k.a's Pascual leaves little information on his inspirations.

This piece is thus as mysterious as it is beautiful and a treat for us to feature today. There is not much more we would like to say for it that the eyes and spirit cannot discern, but the piece feels suitable of the summer winding down to Autumn as evidenced by the distinct bright fore-figure, backdropped against the duller, subdued tones. The present emerging from the past, ultimately not much different but noticeably so; oddly a reminder that fashions and trends are always seasonal.

Have a look and show your appreciation for Pascual today! We have by proudly featuring him and hoping to see more of him on soon!

Congratulations Pascual you win, "Best Art Feature"

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