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Best Art Feature (06-04-2015)

Best Art Feature (06-04-2015)
I am the tribal wanderer!

Today I swelled on the obsolescence of mankind. Such a thing is nary impossible? We are the dominant machine? We the dominant species.

Ahh but we are building our successors, the thinking machines.

The thinking machines? You mean the computers?

Yes exactly.

And they are integrating with us everyday more and more, an internet of things, devices; flip-pads, tablets, brain scanners and reality augmenters merging with us. Exoskeletons and prosthetics we build to make ourselves stronger, more capable of wider things and so the abstraction, the identity that is becoming human is becoming more detached, more abstract, more diversified.

The stratifications of wealth, education and luxury; access to technology will guide and divide us as a smarter AI emerges that will predict and guide us all.

So stands before us this piece called, "Artificial mummy" by Urus Wildking. The mummy a relic, a symbol of that deceased, remembered, ancestral heritage and artificial implying inorganic, non-natural, futuristic; manufactured and engineered by man.

Perhaps this is a symbol of our future?

So I stand here wondering whether to embrace and merge with the coming technology; to stay relevant, to stay dominant and evolve into the ongoing dominant species; the man-machine interface, the interlinked mind. Much like some monkeys slowly changing became humans over many generations the choice now stands for me to encourage myself and my children to adopt the technology we build and diversify, slowly merging into an internet of things.

This piece reminds me that in several generations time the humans of tomorrow will look, feel, behave, act, think and believe very differently from the humans of today much like we are very different from the humans of a few hundred, thousand and a hundred thousand years ago.

Urus Wildking, you're featured piece shows us that reality is changing very rapidly and that the generational gap is more pronounced than it ever has before. When a 30 year old Doctor can be made to ponder his lifetime obsolescence in the face of rapidly changing and evolving technology you know the world is in a very strange place. 

Urus's art makes me think of many things, tribalism, fantasy, nostalgia and circuit boards. It's worth checking out if you are a fan of the abstract or romantic!

Congratulations Urus Wildking you win, "Best Art Feature"

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