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Best Art Feature (06-05-2015)

Landscapes by Alik Oleynik at
This is really stunning.

This is really good.

A colleague of mine recently pointed out this artist and looking through his portfolio I felt nothing but a warm, amazing feeling inside as I looked from piece to piece. Stopping to take everything in, I could only feel a breathtaking marvel at every scene, at every moment as it flashed by; the overwhelming sense of beauty as I took in every moment created by this author.

In fact I was so compelled by the art before me I had to compose a collage to demonstrate it to you all. The effect is not easy to take in but non stop scenes of natural landscapes this lovingly etched and immortalised by paint and the human hand deserve to be showcased and celebrated.

The sheer detail in every single piece is fascinating, wonderful even to the point that I struggled to select a single piece to highlight as per our usual format and decided to bombard you with a selection of paintings by this Russian artist Alik Oleynik

Admire the work before you. Stop and take your time to enjoy this wonderful selection and have a good look and enjoyment of this very talented artist's portfolio on! It is not often our jaws drop but these bright, vivid and powerful paintings of the Arizona and Californian outdoors really enhanced our day and I'm sure they will do to yours too!

We would love to do a more detailed piece on this artist but for now enjoy the showcase and click the link to find out more!

Congratulations Alik Oleynik you win "Best Art Feature"

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We are ArtRadio