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Best Art Feature (08-06-2015)

Best Art Feature (08-06-2015) Enushevski
Stare at this piece. It is called "pain". I will tell you why.

I see tension wrapped in threads, interleaved in human interactions, grasping, grabbing and binding to each other. The binds tying knots and the structure standing on, supporting itself. As if the weight of the world's suffering was self made I see a web of entanglement.

In those eyes made of hair I see webs of deceit, an abyss of truths untold, lies, despair, misery curling into disappointment as the woman who stands on the back of the bound man tears at him with burden, with responsibility; his abdomen ripping apart at the centre to reveal a hollow shred. 

And on the face of it a skull forms, signifying death, the march towards extinction, the self crucifix of closing your eyes and hanging your head in shame instead of looking forward, breaking free and daring rather than bearing to go on.

The pursuit of pain beyond reason only leads to self destruction; and while pain can be a device to learn from, a stimulus for your body to grow, a knowing of what to avoid or adapt for in the future, it can breakdown and cripple, it can bind, it can be addictive to come back to and hard to break free from.

We pursue what we know but it is only by opening our eyes and looking forward rather than inward that we can escape the pain we are in.

Pain attracts pain and ends in darkness. We embrace this oblivion; a web we collectively create and have the power to unbind by simply letting go of it and those people still chained to it. 

In turning away, unbinding the world lies open to us and creativity, the pursuit of passions, the living for oneself (which includes living for others on one's own terms) and by extension living begins.

This is a piece I have been staring at on and off for a while, wanting to say something about it's genius, about it's insight into the nature of pain, suffering and the human condition. It is perhaps the most interesting piece for me in the portfolio of Enushevski at, an artist whose abstract, modern drawings reveal ingenuity and occasionally important life messages as this piece does here.

Congratulations Enushevski you win, "Best Art Feature"

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