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Best Art Feature (10-03-2015)

Best Art Feature (10-03-2015)
Human will and imagination is the driving force behind evolution.

We are the self proclaimed dominant species on Earth; perhaps this speaks of our lack of predators but I also feel it speaks of the humility of species far more numerous and equally organised to simply not hunt us. Still a defining trait is our ingenuity, our persistence for many of us to say this existence is not good enough and look for novel and alternative ways to express ourselves and live our lives. 

This has lead to the occurrence of new fashions, new music, new sports, new means of entertainment and recreation, new forms of dance and movement, new sciences, new technologies and well new everything! 

Those of us who settle with what we have enjoy the luxury of being content with what we have; we find our niche in life and occupy it but in enforcing our habits and traits too harshly on our children, our descendants, in expecting too little of them and ourselves, we render ourselves vulnerable to being made redundant by the winds of change, advance and technology. 

Many hard working manual labourers were made redundant by the advent of farming machinery. The telegraph and telephone and postal services slowly eliminated the messenger. The printing press and high street has fallen to the internet and on-line shopping.

These new technologies expose the inadequacies and inefficiencies of the old one's and force their proprietors to either adapt, find a new niche and survive or slowly die out, their lives becoming utterly dependent on the mercies and vulnerable to the exploitations of those who control, embrace and understand the new.

In many ways this piece by artist Ladoyar reflects accurately how the current generation is changing, evolving away from and differentiating from the old one and even among it's present numbers entering a new era of man-machine speciation, differentiation and merging after globalisation and international infrastructure helped despeciate and bring together our human race.

The wealthiest of us have access to technologies that improve our lives and gives us unprecedented instant access to vast amounts of information on demand. The wealthiest and most well connected can afford access to technologies and it serves to differentiate them and give them advantages and access to the accumulation of resources and thus greater opportunity to widen the gap between their own wealth and those who do not have access to such resources.

We our driving out own evolution, our own new speciation and the creation of new subdivisions within the human race. The way in which these subdivisions think and interact and experience the world may be fundamentally different to those of us who lived a hundred years ago and those of us who will be around in another hundred years time. This piece highlights that.

Am I to one day become a man living under the planet of the apes? 

Congratulations Ladoyar you win, "Best Art Feature"

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