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Best Art Feature (11-04-2015)

Best Art Feature (11-04-2015)
The web of this mural is intriguing!

I see a tale of many lives interwoven, of many species interacting, an acknowledgement of the many connections that go into making a reality real. Diversity and interdependence is a tale I see celebrated in this piece nicely entitled, "Race and Sea" by Colombian artist Amadoart a.k.a Amado Gonzales; a mural of change and origin and perhaps a celebration of people he knows since the characters depicted are distinctive in their features, memorable and through the details have a great deal of personality and sense of history.

I can't claim to understand this piece fully, suffice to say I very much see the idea of people growing into each other. I guess this is a good message in life; you very much become the people you associate with; they are a part of your identity in as much as you are so enjoy them, appreciate them and if they don't get you what you want then expand your network!

Amadoart graces us with a selection of abstract, surrealist paintings on, it's a small but colourful collection of lovely and interesting paintings all deeply rooted in environmentalism with a clear demonstration of respect for one's surroundings. We've enjoyed looking at Amado's work and hope to see more soon by this lovely and talented artist. Check out this profile, it will please!

Congratulations Amadoart you win, "Best Art Feature"

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