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Best Art Feature (11-05-2015)

Art reveals secrets at
I feel like I am walking through a city from the outside.

Almost 8 months ago we looked back on and featured the work of Joanna Janet an artist whose unique style and take on composition allowed us the advantage of seeing art in a wonderfully new and refreshing way. Her ability to encapsulate concepts into paintings really breathed novel life into the phrase, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

This piece is titled, "No 1. Reborn".

As in "number 1 reborn" or "no one reborn"? 

Her works as always are abstract and open to interpretation but for me in this painting I see the wonderful journey of human life as a fertilised egg twisting and turning through the many chambers and rooms of human experience with their different shapes, sizes and windows to other realities. 

I see this egg coursing from room to room, shape to shape. The picture almost feels like a floating ship, a house, a human lifetime encapsulated and telling a story of how diverse and winding life is, how there is no clear or definite path and by extension no definite end to be reborn to. 

For rebirth implies death and death implies ending and the universe is a continuous never ending structure... even in it's silences.

As always Joanna Janet provides something interesting to look at, even if in bewilderment as I try to figure out how this piece speaks to me. It just does like all her work over at; we just enjoy it. There is a depth to her portfolio we love and her recent additions including this one continue to impress us and compel us to bring her to your attention again.

Congratulations Joanna Janet you win, "Best Art Feature"

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We are ArtRadio