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Best Art Feature (11-06-2015)

Inspiring art at
Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous!

There are simply no words to describe how John Bayalis makes me feel when I see his paintings. He takes the seemingly mundane and ordinary and transforms them into the most vivid, almost surreal and romantic things!

I have said it before that John Bayalis is a master of watercolours and I'll say it again. John Bayalis is the ultimate master of watercolours.

Given the effect he achieves with colours and lights using a medium of watercolour paints was something I thought was impossible until I discovered his art. 

Still he achieves something that to this day, a year from when he first graced our website with his portfolio and we wrote a rave review of his art, he continues to amaze and impress us.

We will be revisiting some of our older and longer standing artists over the next few articles to highlight some that deserved to be featured but maybe didn't get so at the time of their arrival. 

We also want to remind ourselves and our community of some of the stellar artists who inhabit our platform that we feel are exceptional by any standards. John Bayalis is one of them and this work and his portfolio is something we are happy to revisit time and time again!

It is exceptional and we have no adequate words to express how proud we are to have and represent him as an artist. His works deserve global recognition and we hope this article is a step towards that.

Congratulations John Bayalis you win, "Best Art Feature"

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We are ArtRadio