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Best Art Feature (15-03-2015)

Best Art Feature (15-03-2015)
We are all an aspect of something divine... each other.

I've always liked to maintain that the concept of divinity exists in us all and that it is simply a matter of recognising one's own well being and fulfilment to achieve that. At our most fulfilled we have the biggest impact on those around us whether that results in a thunderous, roaring presence or a quiet, understated one.

This piece reminds me of that, it's pattern mesh of bleeps and lines constantly resonating and melding and showing we are all in sync with each other and that the misunderstandings of the universe are simply a series of missteps made along the way.

Amanda Moore is the artist that today presents this piece titled, "Incan Gold". I cannot help but feel a direct reference to the Shamanic rites and practices of the Peruvian dwelling Incans. I also wonder how this piece was formed and the process behind it. It is fractal and in spite of it's diversity a clear pattern underlies it.

Amanda continues to explore aspects of this wonderful state of being in her artwork that has been nicely showcased on! These digital constructions should provide you with plenty of pleasure if abstraction via digital is your thing and we are grateful for her contributions today!

Congratulations Amanda Moore you win, "Best Art Feature"

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