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Best Art Feature (15-05-2015)

Best Art Feature (15-05-2015) Diafora Enchorda by Ambrio
At the soul of all sound is the language of music.

That which predates is that which intonates. Raw sounds, syllables without meaning, words without form. Simple gestures, expressions carrying emotional intents; cool, calm, blue collected, angry, colourful red and the spectrum of everything in between.

The base fundamentals of language; connecting sounds, a harmony of intents which we build our world upon. The magic of this era, the spells are all found in words to make things happen.

And the instruments common across all cultures; the voice, the guitar, the drum, the pipes and all their variants across history. The thing which transcends and points to one is music; playing, noting and mooding along.

Ambrio, artist and contributor at has done it; he has painted the picture that says a thousand words about the true nature of music; how it helps encapsulate and define our current era for sound is a dominant force of modern communication; sound conveys the most information, the most emotion, the most direct instruction and by description powerful effect. 

Importantly it does this across unseen distances and with the era or recordings, independent of time.

Thus the very content and understanding of the universe itself for most of us is carried in sound.

Ambrio is a straight out fantastic artist who does not get enough credit or recognition at We have silently enjoyed a great deal of his works and ongoing contributions to and featured him back in November 2013 but that's way too far to go without again acknowledging our love and appreciation of his works which are straight out brilliant and evocative.

There is a wide selection of digital creations here which do nothing but simply please us. We are sure they will please you too so have a look. In the meantime enjoy your senses, they're all you've got to enjoy this world with!

Congratulations Ambrio you win, "Best Art Feature"

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We are ArtRadio