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Best Art Feature (18-05-2015)

Best Art Feature Winner (18-05-2015) Poetry Painting a.k.a Michelle Larsen
Michelle Larsen: her whole portfolio tells the story of Native American Indians, American cowboys, ranchers and settlers.

She has taken to the spirit of the pioneer, the traveller and the wanderer. I wonder what let her down this path, where and how she draws her inspiration from it, but she has taken it's energies and chosen to make them the subject of her endeavours, faithfully capturing the idea of the pilgrims and settlers.

The journey is long fraught and the stresses are accentuated nicely by her technique whereby tissue papers are shaped and sculpted into the canvas that is painted over. 

It creates the illusion of an oil based paint but adds fibres and hairs to every line, every facial feature documenting age, wisdom and experience in her subjects and conveying the harshness of unexplored, uncivilised lands.

I suppose I have selected this painting as it highlights the realm of forgotten civilisations; one's we may have studied but never experienced, a journey where texture has been used to cleverly tell us the history of a culture that has come before us and is very much marginalised in the modern world.

But such could be said of all tribal and nomadic cultures whose biggest threat is our own prejudices on what constitutes a quality of life. We are told to hold our expectations and they are told to hold theirs and these differences make us seem alien... foreign to each other.

Paintings like this remind me there is no right or wrong; that happiness in one's culture is about one's personal experience and that feeling not like part of one thing can be rectified by being part of another. There is a place for us in this world, we just have to explore and find it.

This painting is titled, "Wisdom LR". I'm not sure what LR stands for but I know what wisdom is; being able to survive and become one with the land you inhabit, adapting to any changes that may come along. It is by artist Michelle Larsen a.k.a poetry painting at whose story we want to showcase today as it teaches us valuable lessons about art and culture.

Congratulations Michelle Larsen you win, "Best Art Feature"

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