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Best Art Feature (20-01-2015)

Best Art Feature (20-01-2015)
Coarse impressionist strokes, so impressive.

Today's featured painting is titled, "Landscape with Trees". This is the kind of art where the further away I get the closer I want to be to it. The way that light plays in-between the strokes is so impressive, so natural, so free flowing. It is almost photographic in effect and yet distinctly in it's school of coarse oil strokes and impressionistic paint.

Artist, Just Gaja's connection to and understand of nature must be strong to produce pieces like this. The canvas featured today is not a one off and a browse through her profile reveals an artist who delicately conveys outdoor environments with an indescribable finesse. This is not an easy effect to convey or produce so credit to her for achieving it so successfully.

Astounded was our first impression as we looked through the portfolio of Justyna Gaja a.k.a JustGaja at This Netherlands based artist has rocked the boat with work we can only call life like even though it is so abstract. A chimeric feat but one she accomplishes so effortlessly, it has to be rewarded.

The real reward though is in looking at her art and discovering more of what it is we see in her; unbridled passion and a love of the world around her. It shows in her art and we're glad to spread that energy with you too.

Works by her like, "Field of Flowers""The Green Hill" and "Last Summer", have a similar wow factor about them and among her whole portfolio we hope to revisit them someday too.

Congratulations Just Gaja you win, "Best Art Feature"

Share it. Justyna Gaja's work is a symphony that must be heard!

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