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Best Art Feature (21-06-2015)

Best Art Feature (21-06-2015) Journeyman Designs
Let's have some fun!

We have a quick one for you today; a lively and energetic piece by artist Anthony M Grimaldi a.k.a Journeyman Designs at 

Pens transform photos of legendary rock band the Ramones into something funky, cartoony and strangely becoming of them; black lines and fills fitting in perfectly and white lights interspersing and intermingling to give us a vivid, recreational piece in a hard ink medium!

"Ramones, Live" is a drawing that has been on the servers for over a year and this chance encounter via our player allowed us to discover and love it again! This piece has sat on our servers for around a year and the chance discovery via our player has allowed us to draw attention to it today.

Journeyman Designs illustrations are memorable covers of famous scenes and in many ways are our favourite parts of his portfolio which also dabbles into poster design and some very pleasant commissioned book illustrations. His work is bubbly, vivid and often exudes the same playful energy as this piece!

Congratulations Journeyman Designs you win, "Best Art Feature"

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We are ArtRadio