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Best Art Feature (28-06-2015)

Best Art Feature (28-06-2015) by Uko Post
It takes a hell of an artist to paint a dead animal.

It's actually a disturbing and upsetting picture up close, made as a still. Strange given every member of the team has seen a dead animal at some point in their lifetime, yet in keeping the moment still, the tragedy is amplified and the sadness is captured into a single, simple, lasting moment.

In some ways the medium of oil paints gives this piece a detachment and a connection, conveying a strength of emotion that a photograph can never accomplish. It takes time to draw these things; time, focus, energy and effort - the subject mater is inherently draining; to watch a dead bird, rat or any creature for a prolonged period requires acknowledging that the thing died, that it suffered.

This either requires great detachment, great emotional reserve or a grand fascination with the morbid, a desire to highlight and understand it; to bring it to our attention to make us value life even more and to make us appreciate the finality of rotting decay.

Perhaps there is even a joy to understanding and immersing oneself in the other side of life.

Belgian based Netherlands born artist Uko Post has devoted a great deal of his portfolio on to the study of the deceased; of metaphors and direct images of death. Of perishing and endings. Uko describes himself as a, "Magical realist" and indeed his work brings more value to the concept of the living by shining a light on the dead. 

This in itself shows the wonder and diversity of life and yet the strange commonality we have all around and through it; that things must decease to enable change; that renewal is tied to the decomposition of form; that entropy cannot exist without the loss of stability and that all structures must give way eventually.

So embrace the idea that this artist is not a sadist but rather someone who appreciates life through pointing out it's opposites and reminds us that in a world where we can be so demanding that the magic of life is all around us and available if we are brave and open enough to accept it.

Congratulations Uko Post you win, "Best Art Feature"

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