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Best Art of the Day (03-07-2014)

Best Art of the Day (03-07-2014)
The Tree of Life

The tree of life is a concept that has been around for centuries in religion, philosophy and even science. The basic notion underpinning all these iterations of the concept if the interconnected nature of all life. As the comedian and frankly poet Bill Hicks said, ‘we are literally ALL one.’ This drawing called ‘Create you life, don’t dream it’ wonderfully brings this concept to life.

Our lives are not solely ours but are defined through our connections to other people and their lives. Through these connections come shared experiences and memories. To enhance our lives we must create new memories and experience new things. But this is impossible by ourselves, hence the need to connect to those around us!

Throughout history humans have been social beings and its how we have evolved to be able to communicate with one another. Without this, we wouldn’t have art!

This drawing is like a smorgasbord of memories and bonds. It depicts everything from fond childhood memories to friendships, love, travel, work, camping, despair and the pursuit of artistic expression. All of these are shared experiences and impossible in a life lived in a vacuum. Through these shared experience we can grow and develop as individuals and make our dreams a reality!

The greatest thing about this piece is its simple nature. It is not a beautiful painting alive with colour, but a vivid drawing done with pencil and ballpoint pen. Its sprawling nature fits the stream of consciousness that normally comes along with a humble doodle. Art is everywhere and can be made at anytime by anyone and that’s what we take away from this uplifting example of it!

Congratulations Ars Necopinata, you win ‘Best Art of the Day!

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