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Best Art of the Day (03-08-2014)

Best Art of the Day (03-08-2014)
In the land of dreams you can only see one's reflections...

I suppose it's apt then that this piece is called mirror for dreams are very much a reflection of one's subconscious; an enactment of a play; the de-fragmentation of all those days experiences that weren't in the public eye of your focus; the building of memories, ideas and thoughts which form your own image; the processing of your own events; the equivalent of a computer sleep state enabling rapid recovery of function in the event of a threat; the resting of the eyes and a chance for the rest of your body to detach, dissociate and perform maintenance functions.

Dreaming is also a release and an abstraction of one's self much like staring in the mirror is.

So it's interesting then why we stare at the painting of a woman in flight whose body tones are almost sun like basking and giving energy to the world around her. She has been set free from the world to be who she is, to introspect through the activity of an outward contained universe all feeding her back energy and information about herself and relationships with her ongoing surroundings.

This is really a beautiful and thought provocative piece which reveals more about the identity of the self; that it is more than just a body, a thing; it is a universe ready to make things happen. Those reflections represent reflections of everything around you, everything who you are and in the broad landscaping of this piece lies something subtle and complex; a true understanding of identity.

It stands to reason then that every piece in Joanna Janet's portfolio is equally complex and engaging and well yes it is. Works such as harmony and intention are succinct explorations of these concepts in the form of abstractions. The crafting of her work is delightful and you can easily spend an unforgettable amount of time engrossed in her works.

Congratulations Joanna Janet, you win "Best Art of the Day!"

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