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Best Art of the Day (07-02-2014)

Best Art of the Day (07-02-2014)
We love elegance, transformation and progression.

Much can be said about the work of Zuzana Osako. First glances of her work immediately make one suspect she works in the Fashion Industry as a designer and whilst researching her we found out she was a model who travelled the world before gradually transitioning into the stylish illustrator we introduce today!

It is a trait we respect in artists who are constantly able to reinvent themselves in many forms, exploring many ideals and reinterpreting themselves in many different ways! Zuzana achieves this with her art and we congratulate her today!

Zuzana has tasteful sensibilities with a laid back luxury, a theme found within the slim, dignified, graceful figures she paints. Her style is almost ornate, giving her subjects a delicate, antiquated feel. There is a distinctive refinement threaded throughout her work and we feel it is showcased exquisitely today in this watercolour entitled "Svatby 4 050".

The seeming minimalism of her strokes grasps one of the fundamentals of good art, that simplicity and patience can be jaw dropping and gorgeous. This painting feels organic in how it elaborates the details, almost to the point of abstraction but definitive in it's form. 

Her use of hard pens and solid shades contrast nicely with her research of watercolour brushes and dithered inks. This creates some interesting effects!

That sense of poise and confidence from her earlier career seems to translate well into her paintings which demonstrate balance and charm. Her ability to capture expression and an accurate range of emotions is engaging and the variety of poses and portrayals she studies is worthy of attention. It is a pleasure to feature her and we would like to thank her with these immortal words.

Congratulations Zuzana Osako you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

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