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Best Art of the Day (08-05-2014)

Best Art of the Day (08-05-2014)
This is a wonderful example of the surreal, abstract and often dreamlike artwork of contemporary artist Alexia Molino.

It's so easy on the eye yet so hard to describe, almost like a Gecko with colourful friendly patterning and funky fixated pupils enmeshed in a disjointed yet coherent background. Step back and zoom out, at a distance it almost looks like stained glass design!

It's so strange when attempting to describe the artwork of this artist. It's so vast and diverse in both style and content that one could almost consider her chameleon like, blending in so seamlessly yet capable of so much variety.

Alexia Molino is someone whom we have noticed on for a while now and she has an extensive portfolio which has caught our attention and given us great pleasure in reviewing. This piece is greatly different from much of the work she exhibits on which demonstrates a mixture of magical, playful, dreamlike, landscapes with surreal and abstract figurines and settings. 

We've spent much pleasurable time looking at her work and deciding what to feature. Accepting the limitations of only being able to show one piece when there are a great so many to represent has led to a long and lengthy debate which has oft delayed this award so really we leave this message: Go see her work now!

Congratulations Alexia Molino you win, "Best Art of the Day"

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