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Best Art of the Day (10-06-2014)

Best Art of the Day (10-06-2014)
Ohh I love this piece.

If there's anything that sums up the true reality of a social network it's this piece right here. It's so real, I can't stress enough how this feels like a real neural network, like a tangle of roots, like a hub of roads, like a criss cross of synapses, a bed of mycelium, a confundling of ideas, like a piece of anatomy.

I stare into it and see so many things; it's genius, pure genius and the only kind of piece that can be appreciated by staring endlessly into it like a vortex into an abyss. My only expressions to explain it are analogy by way of poetry and the reality is this piece is right here in front of you now waiting to be admired.

I can honestly say this piece has made a positive impact on my mind today, I often wonder if it's critical but really it's a summary of the age we live in; a flood of information.

We're thanking Ars Necopinata at for pushing this wonderful piece to our platform; it's the kind of creativity we hope encourages you to unplug and tune in with each other; remember the social networks are just a gateway to being social and all gates have to be crossed to truly interact!

Congratulations Ars Necopinata you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

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