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Best Art of the Day (12-09-2014)

Best Art of the Day (12-09-2014)
Honest, raw, simple and savage

If I told you the technique for this artwork it'd be amazing.

The fact is Peter G Buchan (a.k.a's Buchanart) decision to drop oil based enamel paints from chopsticks onto wood panel canvases is perfect for creating the image of moving water.

The drip creates the sense of flow. The coalescence and congealing of enamel blobs mimics the splashes and sprays of water and it's rapid, running nature perfectly.

You feel the sense of nature in art being created here and replicated in a glorious and surprisingly simple yet very effective manner; one however I suspect must be executed with incredible care.

They say madness and genius run closely together. The reality is that genius is linked to creativity and creativity is linked in part to freedom of expression.

The free flow of thought allows one to express their ideas clearly and in an environment that lacks judgement (moral or otherwise) i.e. not being surrounded by individuals who want to push and force their belief systems onto you but would rather share them you and attempt to understand your own  views can often foster and nurture innovation.

I sense beautiful madness behind Peter G Buchan, the man whose inspiration was to pick up chopsticks and start casting paint like a magical spell by letting the chopsticks flow. Through flickers and scatters and splatters and strokes he creates masterpieces of captivating natural scenery made abstract and yet wholly recognisable.

I feel emotional release looking at these canvases and I guess looking at the works of Buchanart I am drawn to his own words, "Honest, Raw, Simple and Savage" that sum up the true source of excellent creativity whilst accurately describing his.

Some artists think immensely and observe their subjects acutely and intensely before they even run a single pen; others simply launch themselves at chaos creating something out of nothing and allowing their inner chaos and expression to emerge. Looking through the portfolio of Buchanart I sense a healthy and happy balance of both approaches being applied here.

I really had to think carefully about the piece of his I'd feature here today, suffice to say I made the decision to feature the one I stared at the most. The reality is all his pieces are equally powerful and a strong argument can be made to feature any of his works in our coveted slot today.

Which is why you should really see his portfolio on and marvel. We've delighted in it and so should you!

Congratulations Buchanart you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

Please like and share this article and this page to help Buchanart's work reach more people and illuminate their day and to spread art to your friends, their friends and the world! You never know, it could be your art work next! What’s your interpretation and opinion of his work? Let us know in the comments section!

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