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Best Art of the Day (16-02-2014)

Best Art of the Day (16-02-2014)
Sexy and elegant.

This classy portrait of acrylic on canvas by Marina SaMont depicts a very sensual, seductive lady holding a scintillating pose with her sensuous frame. 

The way her deep, icy blues stare is intense, alluring and connecting whilst balancing and maintaining a sense of poise. The shades of her skin so subtly wrapped around so striking a stance, we can only wonder who the model is, save for a very familiar feel and can only praise the technique of the artist who created it.

The capture is perfect and the luscious red lips matching groomed nails and contrasting with the the bun of black hair. The subject matter is artistic, the beauty is portrayed tastefully and the raw feminine sexuality that exudes is both powerful and attractive, provocative and racy.

We like classy. We like fashionable and refined. We enjoy elegance and chic and to this end we enjoy the work of Marina SaMont who displays her sharp style well over at Her portfolio is very centric on explorations of the female form, femininity and unadulterated emotion. The artist expresses blends of self reflection and wish making in her work which capture a certain reverence for the human body. We think you'll enjoy her exhibition today!

Congratulations Marina SaMont you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

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