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Best Art of the Day (16-12-2013)

Best Art of the Day (16-12-2013)

This is beautiful.

I initially sat here trying to figure out if this was a photograph that had been painted over or done in HDR. Then I thought it was oil paints done hyper-realistically, then I thought I was looking at well defined stencil drawings but I suddenly noticed the watercolour effect and thought, what's going on here; is this a mixture of techniques?

What amazes me is that this is not a photograph or a digital rendition of one but rather watercolours alone. Look carefully and look for a long time, this amazing effect is purely through watercolours and it's astounding.

Compliments to John Bayalis for exhibiting a work that is both a mastery of technique and aesthetic. A well shot photograph of such a scene would have sufficed but to transform it into something with such a pop-art vibe, visually vivid, amplified eye candy canvas is amazing! 

Pleasant happiness is this initial feeling I get but remarkable is the next one as I realize how wonderful this painting is.

There is much more to John Bayalis than this piece alone and we strongly urge you to view his profile today to discover more. Frankly he is a fantastic artist whose other works are equally on par with this and we are glad to be featuring him today via and happy to promote him!

Congratulations John Bayalis you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

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