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Best Art of the Day (20-05-2014)

Best Art of the Day (20-05-2014)
To bask in the enlightenment is to move oneself from the shadows of ignorance.

To remove the limitations of belief and ideologies and to take time to study and learn the beliefs of the world, the behaviours of it's living things, to understand as many languages as possible and to embrace as many cultures and identities as you can. To learn that you can balance all these things without hate or judgement but merely acceptance with the knowledge that the universe is ever evolving towards novelty.

We had a discussion the other day that the biological basis of depression is that it seeks or promotes the mood to change. If you are depressed in your current environment then it is often a sign that you need to move on, find your own way of life and people that accept you in a new environment rather than try to continue to adapt to the one you are in.

We hypothesised that when a creature was depressed it would often leave a tribe, seek out a new habitat and form it's own colony. This in turn encouraged diversification and migration of communities which lead to diversification of beliefs, behaviours and structures protecting the species as a whole by ensuring any sudden environmental change didn't wipe the whole out.

Thus the point of existence is the continued creation of novelty, of new things, to explore new ideas and ways of being.

The happiest existence being the one you create on your own terms and bearing in mind that happiness doesn't mean euphoria but rather satisfaction which incorporates the entirety of the emotional spectrum.

Sadhna, we've featured your artwork today as the inspiring piece that reminded me of this discussion. We're philosophers here at but we're also scientists, artists, thinkers and creators who appreciate and understand many philosophies on the way of life.

The Lord Buddha was depressed at the emptiness of (his) existence and so he travelled, studied under many scholars, saw many things and thought real hard about it. Paintings like this are a pleasant reminder of his journey and how it can guide our own.

We think your work which typifies the exploration of diversity whilst being grounded in one's culture, namely Indian culture is extraordinary in it's impact. Consider this article not so much a post but rather a celebration and a letter to you which exalts the virtues of your art and your efforts.

Your style and grace is admired and appreciated and we are glad to see your contributions to!

Congratulations Sadhna you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

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