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Best Art of the Day (21-10-2013)

Best Art of the Day (21-10-2013)

Scarlet by Bert Maurits is a beautiful portrait with an interesting stylistic touch. 

It reminds us of the movie Videodrome (a classic) and gives a unique contemporary flair and an unearthly feel. The woman looks hauntingly unreal and alluring at the same time and like how the colour of the lines contrasts against the monochrome of her facial features.

It feels like looking at a woman living in a TV with coloured scanlines distancing her from the viewer! At the same time her very human expression is comforting and provides a seductive balance.

The style Bert uses is replicated in other works of his which can be found at his profile. Bert Maurits also showcases some more abstract techniques worth looking at; there was another piece in particular which we wanted showcase that can be found here but as always there can only be one piece of artwork that wins per day and this is it.

We enjoyed this piece and encourage you to view more art by Bert Maurits which can be found at:

Congratulations Bert Maurits you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

To see this piece in more detail click here.

To view more work by this artist click here.


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