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Best Art of the Day (22-11-2013)

Best Art of the Day (22-11-2013)
We love this work but it's difficult to talk about this piece without giving it context.

Ambrio is a digital artist who specializes in contextual art. This is very apparent in his portfolio in We're actually really curious to understand both his inspiration and technique which remain elusive towards. Suffice to say there is a real element of the physical at play in many of his works and physics and science are a real and apparent focus with pieces like, "Angular momentum""Alien DNA", showing an obvious abstraction and simultaneous embodiment of scientific observations whilst works such as, "Inner Earth" and "On target" appear to draw their inspiration from the world of light and electron microscopy.

With that in mind we talk today about his piece entitled, "locked in a dream" which is very different in both theme and style from his other works. It is much more traditional and primitive in style and overtones but this does not detract from how wonderful it is to look at. There is a certain softness to this piece which contrasts with the harshness of some of his other works and it too is an abstraction with embryonic overtones as the figure occupies a void like space near the cell like nucleus of a seemingly sun shaped object in a dreamy cellular mesh.

It encapsulates the state of dreaming nicely, of being locked away in another world while this one moves on and in part reminds us of the embryonic void from which we came and it's relationship to dreaming, possibility and potential.

It is well worth exploring Ambrio's profile on, we enjoy his selection of work and the focus today was on choosing which of his numerous worthy best art of the day winner pieces to highlight. We picked this one and we hope you like it, share it and appreciate it.

Congratulations Ambrio you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

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