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Best Art of the Day (26-06-2014)

Best Art of the Day (26-06-2014)
Motherhood; Beautiful.

There are certain pieces which I feel the medium of abstract painting expresses perfectly and the bond between mother and child is one of them. This piece entitled, "Motherhood" is clearly evidence of that; a picture speaking far more than words and capturing the quintessential bond and expressing it as a universal.

It's a stunningly powerful piece and one brought to our attentions by the more recent and also excellent contributions of artist Arkadiy Morozov a.k.a ArkadiyM who created this painting which combines abstract and surrealist sensibilities with a very grounded, earthly theme.

It is incredible how this artist sublimates so many styles and clever ideas into his work and we've really enjoyed his multi-format media creations having featured him previously as a best art of the day winner last December. It is brilliant however to look back on his profile and really admire works like this genius exhibits.

It is well worth looking at his profile on today!

Congratulations ArkadiyM you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

To see this piece in more detail click here.

To see more work by this artist click here.


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