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Best Art of the Day (30-03-2014)

Best Art of the Day (30-03-2014)
This is a beautiful scene.

On the subject of pregnancy two things stick out for me; the presence of a butterfly on the stomach signalling the imminent transformation of the embryo into a beautiful new being of human life and the presence of an angel offering a white tulip to signify purity and innocence; with the dotting of yellow daisies and the dove in the sun this piece is full of symbolism, optimism and hope.

All in all it's very endearing and in many ways represents the prime of happiness looking forward, of great expectations and great joy.

The layer of abstraction and metaphor do not go unnoticed and the act of conception and carriage are rightly recognised as miraculous and almost supernatural.

Guadalupe Reyes is an artist whose works celebrate Mexican culture and in many ways demonstrate various aspects of it's cultural roots. There is an obvious sense of inspiration from Frida Kahlo for style but the elements of surrealism are replaced with traditionalism and realism. Depictions of the Day of the Dead festival, Christianity and home life adorn her profile on - She's been with us since early 2013 and we're proud to feature her today!

Congratulations Guadalupe Reyes you win, "Best Art of the Day!"

PS Check her exhibition out from the 12th to 26th April 2014 via the Casa de Engracia; Calle Victor Rosales 146, Centro Historico de Zacatecas

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