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Press Releases

Best Art Feature 04-09-2015 by Fernando Pascual
04 September 2015

Best Art Feature (04-09-2015)

The modern renaissance is here! Two simple touches create great contrast and synergy and the floral silk blouse imposed upon the bust of a figure we would expect to be nude is perhaps a commentary on modern day censorship and neuroses with the natural form; a simple statement of how times have changed and an ever present reminder that there is often a fine distinction between art, nudity and pornography; that it is our personal biases and beliefs that help to…

Conte Mirifique by Bore Ivanov
01 September 2015

Best Art Feature (01-09-2015)

I just needed some time away to focus on the simpler things in life. To ease my mind and just enjoy the things around me more. Writing about art takes a lot of thought and focus, writing about it frequently can almost make one lose the enjoyment of it for as intellectual an exercise can be satisfying, sometimes looking at something and appreciating it for what it is, without thinking too hard about is equally fulfilling. Sometimes it's necessary to take a break.…

Best Art Feature (28-06-2015) by Uko Post
28 June 2015

Best Art Feature (28-06-2015)

It takes a hell of an artist to paint a dead animal. It's actually a disturbing and upsetting picture up close, made as a still. Strange given every member of the team has seen a dead animal at some point in their lifetime, yet in keeping the moment still, the tragedy is amplified and the sadness is captured into a single, simple, lasting moment. In some ways the medium of oil paints gives this piece a detachment and a connection, conveying a strength…

Best Art Feature (21-06-2015) Journeyman Designs
21 June 2015

Best Art Feature (21-06-2015)

Let's have some fun! We have a quick one for you today; a lively and energetic piece  by artist Anthony M Grimaldi a.k.a Journeyman Designs at   Pens transform photos of legendary rock band the Ramones into something funky, cartoony and strangely becoming of them; black lines and fills fitting in perfectly and white lights interspersing and intermingling to give us a vivid, recreational piece in a hard ink medium!…

Inspiring art at
11 June 2015

Best Art Feature (11-06-2015)

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! There are simply no words to describe how John Bayalis makes me feel when I see his paintings. He takes the seemingly mundane and ordinary and transforms them into the most vivid, almost surreal and romantic things! I have said it before that John Bayalis is a master of watercolours and I'll say it again. John Bayalis is the  ultimate  master of watercolours.…

Best Art Feature (08-06-2015) Enushevski
08 June 2015

Best Art Feature (08-06-2015)

Stare at this piece. It is called "pain". I will tell you why. I see tension wrapped in threads, interleaved in human interactions, grasping, grabbing and binding to each other. The binds tying knots and the structure standing on, supporting itself. As if the weight of the world's suffering was self made I see a web of entanglement. In those eyes made of hair I see webs of deceit, an abyss of truths untold, lies, despair, misery curling…

Sadhna, Best Art Feature Winner 02-06-2015
02 June 2015

Best Art Feature (02-06-2015)

Enjoy innocence. Just under a year ago   we featured a really nice painting by artist Sadhna   and in exploring our archives via the player we discovered this lovely painting we feature today by the same artist. I'm trying to decide if these are elves, fairy nymphs or little girls. The delightful, almost featureless faces almost suggest a supernatural presence and origin and yet the whole thing feels of innocence, their…

Best Art Feature Winner (18-05-2015) Poetry Painting a.k.a Michelle Larsen
18 May 2015

Best Art Feature (18-05-2015)

Michelle Larsen: her whole portfolio tells the story of Native American Indians, American cowboys, ranchers and settlers. She has taken to the spirit of the pioneer, the traveller and the wanderer. I wonder what let her down this path, where and how she draws her inspiration from it, but she has taken it's energies and chosen to make them the subject of her endeavours, faithfully capturing the idea of the pilgrims and settlers. The journey is long fraught and…

Best Art Feature (15-05-2015) Diafora Enchorda by Ambrio
15 May 2015

Best Art Feature (15-05-2015)

At the soul of all sound is the language of music. That which predates is that which intonates. Raw sounds, syllables without meaning, words without form. Simple gestures, expressions carrying emotional intents; cool, calm, blue collected, angry, colourful red and the spectrum of everything in between. The base fundamentals of language; connecting sounds, a harmony of intents which we build our world upon. The magic of this era, the spells are all…

Art reveals secrets at
11 May 2015

Best Art Feature (11-05-2015)

I feel like I am walking through a city from the outside. Almost 8 months ago  we looked back on and featured the work of Joanna Janet  an artist whose unique style and take on composition allowed us the advantage of seeing art in a wonderfully new and refreshing way. Her ability to encapsulate concepts into paintings really breathed novel life into the phrase, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. This piece is titled,  "No 1. Reborn" .…

Landscapes by Alik Oleynik at
06 May 2015

Best Art Feature (06-05-2015)

This is really stunning. This is really good. A colleague of mine recently pointed out this artist and looking through his portfolio I felt nothing but a warm, amazing feeling inside as I looked from piece to piece. Stopping to take everything in, I could only feel a breathtaking marvel at every scene, at every moment as it flashed by; the overwhelming sense of beauty as I took in every moment created by this author. In fact I was so compelled by…

Best Art Feature (02-05-2015) Cherry Groove Beach by Christian Piper
02 May 2015

Best Art Feature (02-05-2015)

This is an interesting take on the human body. The black base interspersed with brush strokes of white gives the appearance of abstract winds and currents passing over a shadowy silhouetted figure. It almost feels like looking at a ancient Japanese mural; the flow of strokes giving a peaceful, slightly subdued yet relaxed vibe.  The amount of information conveyed is astonishing given the deceptive minimalism of approach and again it is the…

Best Art Feature (11-04-2015)
11 April 2015

Best Art Feature (11-04-2015)

The web of this mural is intriguing! I see a tale of many lives interwoven, of many species interacting, an acknowledgement of the many connections that go into making a reality real. Diversity and interdependence is a tale I see celebrated in this piece nicely entitled,  "Race and Sea"  by Colombian artist  Amadoart  a.k.a Amado Gonzales;  a mural of change and origin and perhaps a celebration of people he knows since the characters depicted…

Best Art Feature (06-04-2015)
06 April 2015

Best Art Feature (06-04-2015)

I am the tribal wanderer! Today I swelled on the obsolescence of mankind. Such a thing is nary impossible? We are the dominant machine? We the dominant species. Ahh but we are building our successors, the thinking machines. The thinking machines? You mean the computers? Yes exactly. And they are integrating with us everyday more and more, an internet of things, devices; flip-pads, tablets, brain scanners and reality…

Best Art Feature (15-03-2015)
15 March 2015

Best Art Feature (15-03-2015)

We are all an aspect of something divine... each other. I've always liked to maintain that the concept of divinity exists in us all and that it is simply a matter of recognising one's own well being and fulfilment to achieve that. At our most fulfilled we have the biggest impact on those around us whether that results in a thunderous, roaring presence or a quiet, understated one. This piece reminds me of that, it's pattern mesh of…

Best Art Feature (10-03-2015)
10 March 2015

Best Art Feature (10-03-2015)

Human will and imagination is the driving force behind evolution. We are the self proclaimed dominant species on Earth; perhaps this speaks of our lack of predators but I also feel it speaks of the humility of species  far more numerous and equally organised to simply not hunt us . Still a defining trait is  our ingenuity , our persistence for many of us to say this existence is not good enough and look for novel and alternative ways to express ourselves and…