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We work hard to create and maintain a really interesting, fun and useful site with features that allow you to interact with others and be part of an art-loving community. In order for the site to continue to be successful and enjoyable, we need your help and with this in mind, we have set out some common-sense guidelines below which should steer you in the right direction. These guidelines form part of the Terms:

  1. Please:

    1. be inspired to post or upload content, but only if it belongs to you. If content has been created as a result of collaboration with other individuals, each individual involved in the creation of the contract will need to create an Artist Account to enable the content to be posted under a Group profile. For information on how to create a Group profile please click here.
    2. carefully consider the nature of the content you post or unload (which includes, without limitation, advertisements placed in the Marketplace), we trust your judgement and if you honestly feel that your content would fall into the categories of being obscene, pornographic, defamatory, abusive, discriminatory and/or in violation of any laws, then please don’t post;
    3. without prejudice to you complying with the overarching principle set out in paragraph 1.2 above, use the mature content setting, where appropriate, for any content which you upload to the ArtRadio website. There are two mature content settings which are as follows:
      1. 15+* and you should use this setting if the content you upload is only appropriate for individuals over the age of 15 years old; and
      2. 18+ and you should use this setting if the content you upload is only appropriate for individuals over the age of 18 years old.
    4. feel free to offer your opinions on the interactive features of the site, but these opinions should be genuinely held by you, offered in good faith and not written with the effect of shocking or offending;
    5. be careful about the communications you have with other users – guard your personal and financial information with your life! More information can be found here.
    6. appreciate that, although the Marketplace is a fantastic place to browse Products and Skills and to negotiate a sale, its NOT a great place to hand over your financial details – please conclude any transactions away from the site and in a safe and sensible way.
    7. be aware that we don’t monitor or vet the advertisements in the Marketplace, so we cannot tell you whether the advertisements are accurate or not – just remember, not everyone is as trustworthy as you and me!
    8. remember how much you hate receiving spam! It is a nuisance to us all and this site is not the place for it;
    9. be mindful of, and comply with, all applicable laws and regulations – we really don’t want you to get in trouble while using our site;
    10. use the Service in good faith and in the spirit in which it is provided; and finally
    11. use the Service in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  2. ArtRadio respects people’s rights and will take infringement of intellectual property rights very seriously. Please do not violate intellectual property laws. It does not help you or us in our mission.

* You should note that whilst you must be at least 18 to have an ArtRadio Account, ArtRadio is unable to prevent the potential risk of those who are under this age from viewing content which is on the ArtRadio website hence the requirement for users to use the 15+ mature content setting.